Producer Requirements

New Producers are required to submit Gross for the first 90 days. The 90-day period starts from the date the first application was received in our office. After the 90-day period, the producer can submit their business Net.

Commission statements are mailed once a month showing charge-backs or commissions due the Producer and will include a check for your commissions (less charge-backs).


Binders can be obtained using the following methods:
  • by using Paramount’s online system which automatically logs the application as a binder;
  • by faxing the Application, PIP Form, Driver Exclusions, Proof of Ownership and Discount paperwork to Paramount at (410) 505-1708 (410) 505-1708
  • by calling Paramount’s Underwriting Department at (410) 944-1267 (410) 944-1267 or (240) 533-3000 (240) 533-3000 during normal business hours Monday - Friday, 9AM to 4:15PM and speaking with an Underwriter;
  • by calling Paramount after normal business hours at (410) 944-1267 (410) 944-1267 or (240) 533-3000 (240) 533-3000 and pressing 1 and answering the questions asked by the recorder.

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