Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities after an accident or loss
We must be notified immediately of how, when, and where the accident or loss happened by contacting our nearest authorized claims center. Notice must give the names and addresses of any injured persons and of any witnesses and the time, place and circumstances of the accident or loss.

When seeking any coverage you must:
  1. Cooperate with us in the investigation, settlement or defense of any claims or suit.
  2. Promptly send us copies of notices or legal papers received in connection with the accident or loss.
  3. Submit, as often as we reasonably require:
    1. to physical exams by physicians we select. We will pay for these exams.
    2. to examination under oath and to attend hearings and trials requiring such examination.
  4. Authorize us to obtain medical reports; and other pertinent records
  5. Submit a sworn proof of loss within 60 days when required by us.
  6. To refuse, except at your own expense, assume any obligation or incur any expense other than medical and surgical care imperative at the time of the accident.

Additional duties for "Uninsured Motorist Coverage":
  1. Notify the policy within 24 hours of the accident if a hit & run driver is involved. A statement under oath must be filed with us within 30 days after the accident has been reported.
  2. Send us copies of all legal papers when a suit is brought within 10 days of receipt.

Additional duties for "Collision" and "Comprehensive" coverage:
  1. Take reasonable steps after loss to protect your covered auto and its equipment from further loss. We will pay for reasonable expense incurred to do this.
  2. Notify the police within 24 hours of the discovery, if your covered auto is stolen or vandalized.
  3. Permit us to inspect and appraise the damaged property before its repairs or disposal.

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